Macbeth (1948)

Orson Welles playing the stubborn Scottish thane. Can’t argue with that.


Macbeth (1981)

A random 1981 version, featuring Jeremy Brett and Piper Laurie, aka Carrie’s mum (typecast much?).


Scotland, PA

A contemporary re-imagining of The Scottish Play, based around a fast-food joint.


Shakespeare ReTold (2005)

The BBC’s quite wonderful Shakespeare ReTold, featuring James McAvoy in the title role.


Macbeth (2006)

An Australian version, featuring Sam Worthington and set in modern day Sydney.


Macbeth on the Estate (2007)

The BBC’s extraordinary 2007 version of Macbeth combines professional actors with local community members from  Birmingham’s Ladywood Housing estate.  Ragged and brutal – as a good Macbeth should be.


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