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Little Fiction/Big Truths is an online blog, which is a site for writers to submit their own literary fiction and nonfiction works. The site was created to bring together digital media and literature, including fiction, nonfiction, and flash stories. The nonfiction aspect is through their sister site, Big Truths, created by Amanda Leduc. On this site, there are options the reader can choose to take them into different genres. There is even something created on the site as an option called, Mixtapes, which is a collection of author made playlists of short stories that have either written or recommended for the reader. This relates to the topics outlined in the class coursework because again, it gives the reader options to pick and choose what they want to read and how they want to read it. Readers can read through kindles, e-books, iBooks, and smart phones, which is the digital aspect.

The literary fiction I chose on this site was a flash story called A Good Night by Diana Davidson. This story also relates to the class course work because the author makes the story about the reader. She makes it a point to include the reader in the story as a character instead of making it a story between just fictional characters. The author actually addresses the reader by using, “you,” making the reader actually interact.

The most interesting thing about this literary work is that it is complimented with a read-aloud by Xe Sands on Soundcloud. Once the reader clicks on the link, someone acts the story out in a voice over. Unlike an audio-book, soundcloud is easier to access financially because it is free as opposed to premium services such as, According to Little Fiction, Soundcloud holds over fourteen short stories that are listed on this site.


Link to A Good Night on Soundcloud:

3 thoughts on “Online Literary Fiction – Rebecca Singh

  1. I actually visited this website along with the Soundcloud link to see how well the voice-overs were produced. I found myself loving how interactive it was, as well as the price attached to it. So many audiobooks are costly, which turns many people away from purchasing these great literature advances. Not only do these audiobooks provide a different way of looking at a piece of text, but it allows the audience to get lost in the words of the speaker- instead of trying to think of their tone of voice. Many people would consider this “lazy work” because reading is all about using our own imagination to perceive different characters, -but going back to our younger ages- we all loved being read to. This website is also a great find, in the aspect of allowing its writers to produce any type of work on their site. Not only does this give a writer the creative freedom, but it also allows the reader to choose what type of genre they are looking to read at that moment.

  2. I find it very interesting that this site includes a Soundcloud link, and I will definitely be checking it out. That is a perfect example of how online literature can be a very immersive experience in which people can actually become part of the story. By being able to actually hear a voice, in addition to being able to make decisions and be referred to in the first person, the reader is not separated for the experience, and therefore can appreciate the story on a different, more personal level. I also agree that listening to the story would not qualify as “lazy work” in my opinion, because although you are being read to, you are still an active participant. You have to make choices to move the narrative forward, so your brain is still being engaged.

  3. I think that the creator of the site is very considerate for picking SoundCloud as an option for people to choose if they want to listen to the short stories; it makes it possible for more people to have access to the particular medium. Thank you for including the soundcloud link because now we can all experience his unique medium as well. I also like the short story that you chose. I do agree that it directly relates to this class because its a story that interacts with the reader. Using the second person POV lets the reader feel like they are personally in tune with the story and heightens the interactivity.

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