New Year, New Topics


After a year’s hiatus, we’re up on the blog again.  This fall, I’m running two classes that intersect across Shakespeare and digital culture: Digital Literature (aka Theories of the Text) and Shakespeare Afterlives.  Our Digital Literature class will begin blogging as part of a pedagogical process that charts the evolution of our discoveries in online literature, discussing relevant topics, as well as posting found examples of online fabulousness, both Shakespearean and modern.

We plan to culminate in a student-curated exploration that asks the question: who (or what) is digital Hamlet?  As you may have noted, we’ve bookmarked an area for Hamlet in Cyberspace, and we aim to explore the elision between “professional” and “amateur,” creative, and critical that we believe our shared digital commons engenders.  We’re excited to see what we can find, and we hope that we can frame the idea of literature in a way that is more reflective of our experience of global citizens.  So sit back, relax and enjoy my amazing students.  There’s good stuff on the way.

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